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ART BOOKS Capture the Imagination
The world of art to keep, treasure & cherish forever

Art books collect and transport the breathtaking world of art and artists into your world. Art books are a means of discovery, enjoyment and learning. They hold within their pages some of the best artwork ever created. Where else can a reader be taken behind the scenes in the company of the Disney Imagineers animation team or back into the historic American frontier or even into the far-away star-filled night in a children's book to meet the legendary Sandman in a voyage crammed with excitement, delight and awe?

Going from one adventure to another is as quick and effortless as closing one book and opening the covers of another.

Below is the Art-cade Gallery's collection of unique art books -- not a "how to draw" book in the lot, but lots of "oohs" and "wows" accompany each volume. To search a particular collection rather than browse the list, simply click the category of your choice below to access it.

Our collection is arranged into five convenient categories:

Every book shown is NEW, and not recycled. Many are long out-of-print and quite rare today. One thing those who are creating the electronic generation of books have yet to conquer is the presentation of fine art. There's still nothing like a printed art book with its beautiful color illustrations.

(1) Browse the books. (2) Full specifics including a brief background, binding specs, condition and cost are given in the text.
(3) Call toll free to order.

Artists, Illustrators and Illustrations<a name="artists"></a> Artists, Illustrators and Illustrations
Artists, Illustrators and Illustrations

The Maxfield Parrish Pop-Up Book The Maxfield Parrish Pop-Up Book
John J.Strejan

1994. Rare. Reproduced in full color in this book are eight of Maxfield Parrish's finest works. The pop-up format adds a third dimension - and a touch of whimsy - to Parrish's magnificent paintings. Parrish through his illustrations in children's books, leading periodicals, advertisements and calendars had a significant impact on popular culture in the early twentieth century. One out of every four American homes of his day had Parrish artwork on its walls. Book is brand new in pristine condition and has never been opened.

Hardback, 8 pop-up images. New.


Maxfield Parrish: A Retrospective Maxfield Parrish: A Retrospective
Laurence and Judy Cutler

1995. This is the original, full-length version the Cutlers produced from which a shorter edition later was extracted. "Maxfield Parrish: A Retrospective" traces the life of Parrish and is lavishly illustrated with over 160 full-color samples of his distinctive style of painting. Parrish is considered one of the greatest American illustrators of the 20th century. In his day, one out of four American households displayed at least one Parrish artwork reproduction, the introduction of affordably reproduced copies of fine art for the average person. New in plastic wrap.

Hardback, jacketed, 176 pages. New.


Maxfield Parrish Maxfield Parrish
Laurence and Judy Cutler

1999. This is an abbreviated version of a larger volume "Parrish: A Retrospective" by the Cutlers. Maxfield Parrish is considered one of the greatest American artists and illustrators of the 20th century. In his day, one out of four American households displayed at least one Parrish artwork reproduction, the introduction of affordable reproductions of fine art for the average person. This book traces the life of Maxfield Parrish and is lavishly illustrated with full-color samples of his distinctive style of painting.

Hardback, jacketed, 76 pages. New.


Maxfield Parrish: The Knave of Hearts Illustrations Maxfield Parrish: The Knave of Hearts Illustrations
Atlantic Monthly Press

1993. A small 7" x 6" volume containing the 21 Maxfield Parrish classic illustrations for "The Knave of Hearts" book. (No text.) Originally published by the Atlantic Monthly Press in1921 and now reproduced using modern publishing technology for superior image quality.

Hardback. Reproductions on a single pull-out, multi-folded page on thick paper stock. 21 paintings. With velum jacket. New.

Arthur Rackham: A Life With Illustration Arthur Rackham: A Life With Illustration
James Hamilton

1990 edition. This volume charts the astonishing career of a hard-working Londoner who was England's most famous book illustrator of the early 20th century. His book illustrations were so popular in his day that when Rackham held art shows in the U.S. his original drawings instantly sold out. This book, reviewers said, takes you straight back to your childhood showing his art for the world of faeries to the world of fairy tales. Hundreds of mostly full-color illustrations fill the book.

Paperback, 200 pages. New.


J.R.R.Tolkien - Artist and Illustrator J.R.R.Tolkien - Artist and Illustrator
Wayne G. Hammond
Christina Scull

1995. This volume explores J. R. R. Tolkien's art career at length, from his childhood paintings and drawings to his most known sketches. At its heart are his illustrations for his books, especially his tales of Middle-earth including "Lord of the Rings." Also examined are the illustrations Tolkien made for his children, his expressive calligraphy, his love of decoration and his contributions to the typography and design of his books. Color and black-and-white artwork.

Paperback, 208 pages. New.


John Singer Sargent John Singer Sargent
Carter Ratcliff

1982. Never before has a book so thoroughly covered the full expanse of John Singer Sargent's extraordinary painting. Considered by many as the most talented and celebrated portrait painters of all times.

One hundred thirteen large color plates and over 200 black-and-white illustrations from around the turn of the last century convey the glamor of his society portraits. The evolution of certain key works is traced through studies that reveal the fascinating process of Sargent's creativity. Winner of the American Book Award. New, pristine condition.

Hardback, jacketed, 250 pages. New.


The Magic of M.C. Escher The Magic of M.C. Escher
M.C. Escher

2000. This is a volume organized by the M.C. Escher Foundation in the Netherlands which is a compilation of many of the graphic artist's most famous works. This is not a reading book, but one that tells a story in pictures with complementary text. By the time readers reach the closing pages they will have an insight into the man and his artwork.

Hardback, jacketed, 198 pages. New.


The Illustrator in America: 1860-2000 The Illustrator in America: 1860-2000
Walt Reed

2001. The "Bible" of American illustration art. This history of 140 years of American illustration art has been updated to the millennium year of 2000 in this book revision. Illustrations and brief biographies of the outstanding artists of each decade are described in the historical context of the ten-year periods. Included are works of over 650 artists, examples of their signatures and their best works. A great way to explore the development of illustration art and is a great reference.

Hardback, jacketed, 452 pages. New.


J. C. Leyendecker: Retrospective J. C. Leyendecker: Retrospective
Laurence and Judy Cutler

2008. During the Golden Age of Illustration no American illustrator was more productive and more influential than Joseph Christian Leyendecker. Through his works this artist captivated the public with his striking, fashionable depictions of handsome men and glamorous women. With his instantly identifiable style he helped shape the face of a nation, creating dozens of icons, and virtually invented the concept of branding in advertising. This volume portrays the man behind the art brush. Illustrations include nearly 600 of his classic Saturday Evening Post covers and advertisement artwork in full color.

Hardback, jacketed, 256 pages. New.


Norman Rockwell: Pictures for the American People Norman Rockwell: Pictures for the American People
Maureen Hart Hennessey
Anne Knutson

1999. This catalog accompanied a seven museum national U.S. tour. Coordinated by the Norman Rockwell Museum at Stockbridge, MA and the High Museum in Atlanta, the essence of the art of Norman Rockwell was collected for exhibit. The purpose of the collection and tour was to show the timelessness of Rockwell's work and to illustrate that although he was once identified only as an illustrator he in reality was much more a fine arts painter when it came to subject matter, style and longevity. The volume traces his long career in words and full-color reproductions of some of his most memorable Saturday Evening Post covers and other works.

Paperback, 200 pages. New.


Norman Rockwell: Painting America <font color ="red">DVD</font> Norman Rockwell: Painting America DVD
American Masters Production

1999. Archival film footage and images from the Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA are used in this documentary film to portray the life of Norman Rockwell, the most celebrated illustrator of all time. Interviews with historians, critics and friends aid in telling the Rockwell story.

DVD, approximately 86 minutes, color and black and white. New.


Norman Rockwell: A Classic Treasury Norman Rockwell: A Classic Treasury
Robin Langley Sommer

1993. A compilation of more than 100 large, full page reproductions of many of Norman Rockwell's classic Saturday Evening Post covers. In her introduction, Robin Sommer provides valuable insights into Rockwell's life and work and probably comes as close to explaining the true secret of this artist's uncanny power to affect viewers as it is possible to do in words. Includes index.

Hardback, jacketed, 128 pages. New.


The Norman Rockwell Treasury The Norman Rockwell Treasury
Thomas S. Buechner

1993. Illustrator Norman Rockwell is put in perspective as an important force in Twentieth Century art by Thomas Buechner, former director of the Brooklyn Museum. Lavishly illustrated with color and black and white Rockwell images, a running essay arranged by decades examines the Rockwell style, technique and development as an artist. A full categorical index of his works makes this an invaluable addition to the history of American illustration. A re-issue of the original 1979 Abram volume.

Hardback, jacketed, 216 pages. New.


Norman Rockwell: A Life Norman Rockwell: A Life
Laura Claridge

2001. The first serious, comprehensive biography of Norman Rockwell, the celebrated Saturday Evening Post cover illustrator, based on family archives, his personal journal and hundreds of interviews. This volume explains the deep disparity between the artist's private life (of depression) and his public image (playful and lighthearted). Also considered is the disparity between the public accolades for his classic illustrative output and many critics' dismissal of him as not a "real artist."

Hardback, jacketed, 546 pages. First edition. New.


Dean Cornwell: Dean of Illustrators Dean Cornwell: Dean of Illustrators
Patricia Broder

2000. For over three decades Dean Cornwell was regarded as the "Dean of American Illustrators." Cornwell's magazine and book illustrations, posters, calendar art and advertising art captured decade by decade the image, spirit and style of 20th century America. His illustrations mirrored the interests, concerns, and dreams that characterized each of those five decades of the century. 300 examples of his artwork illustrate the narrative of his life story. Full color and black-and-white illustrations.

Hardback, jacketed, 240 pages. New.


N.C. Wyeth: A Biography N.C. Wyeth: A Biography
David Michaelis

1998. An American painting dynasty is portrayed in this huge, riveting biography of N.C. Wyeth, the patriarch of the family. N.C.'s name summons up our earliest images of the beloved books read by generations of children. Wyeth was hailed as the greatest American illustrator of his day in early 20th century America. Michaelis tells the story of this family through four generations including Andrew and Jamie.

Hardback, jacketed, 555 pages. New.


Howard  Terpning: Storyteller <font color="red">DVD</font> Howard Terpning: Storyteller DVD
2012. A beautiful 90-minute DVD showcasing America's preeminent Plains People artist, Howard Terpning.Howard Terpning: Portrait of a Storyteller chronicles the artist's life and follows the creation of his award-winning painting, "Traders Among the Crow."

DVD, approximately 90 minutes, color and black and white. New.


Andrew Wyeth: Autobiography Andrew Wyeth: Autobiography
Thomas Hoving

1995. This book was published on the occasion of the 1993 retrospective exhibition at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Mo. Andrew Wyeth, one of the most distinguished and popular American artists of the 20th century, tells the story behind 138 of his most memorable paintings. The unique element of this book is Wyeth previously has seldom discussed the genesis of his images. Full-color reproductions.

Paperback, 168 pages. New.


Andrew Wyeth: The Helga Pictures Andrew Wyeth: The Helga Pictures
John Wilmerding

1987. When they first appeared, the Helga pictures represented a significant body of new work by Andrew Wyeth, one of America's best-known painters from a noteworthy artistic family. This book is a handsome visual record of an unusual years-long creative achievement. The artist depicts Helga in various poses that explore her personality. A majority of the volume is devoted to a display of Wyeth's creations.

Paperback, 208 pages. New.


The Art of Peter Max The Art of Peter Max
Charles A. Riley II

2002. Peter Max is one of the world's most popular artists. From such painted icons as his Statue of Liberty series and his dreamlike landscapes to world-famous posters that defined the visual aesthetic of the ages of rock and roll, the richly illustrated book puts Max in perspective as a leading figure on the contemporary art scene. This book is a magical tour of the world of Peter Max and is illuminated step-by-step with his paintings, drawings, graphics, etchings and posters.

Hardback, jacketed, 240 pages. New.


Hirschfeld's New York Hirschfeld's New York
Clare Bell

2001. This small collection of Al Hirschfeld caricatures was published to accompany an exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York. It shows Hirschfeld's technical mastery of the art of caricature featuring both Broadway and screen stars. There are 103 illustrations including 11 plates in full color. Commentary throughout the volume is by Clare Bell who was the curator of the show; introduction by former New York Times columnist Frank Rich. Published by art publisher Harry N. Abrams.

Al; Hirschfeld prints are available at The Art-cade Gallery. Search "Al Hirschfeld" on this site.

Paperback, 96 pages. New.


George Caleb Bingham George Caleb Bingham
Michael Edward Shapiro

1993. Some art critics consider paintings by George Bingham to be the ultimate expression of the nationalistic American character. He is most famous for his mid-19th century depiction of life on the Mississippi River and Midwestern political gatherings. In this lavishly illustrated volume, Michael Shapiro traces the artist's path describing the conditions of the day and how Bingham was able to capture them on canvas. This out-of-print book is part of The Library of American Art series.

Hardback, jacketed, 160 pages. New.


Painters of the American Scene Painters of the American Scene
Nancy Heller
Julia Williams

1982. This volume was originally published entitled "The Regionalists" by Watson-Guptill in 1976. It covers the midwestern American school popular from the 1920s through the '40s which signaled the closing stages of figurative painting before abstract art began to sweep the art world.

Led by Thomas Hart Benton, John Steuart Curry and Grant Wood, these Regionalist artists painted the issues that shaped the century. Portrayed in graphic style were hard-working farmers and dramatic weather-worn landscapes of the Great Plains. Beyond rural America the Regionalists depicted big urban cities much as the Ashcan school of artists had done decades before. All of this art which was produced through the Great Depression era was easily appreciated by Americans living through those trying times. Well over 100 color and black and while examples of this art style fill this book.

Hardback, jacketed, 208 pages. New.


Thomas Hart Benton: Drawing from Life Thomas Hart Benton: Drawing from Life
Henry Adams

1990. This definitive biography of early 20th century American artist Thomas Hart Benton traces not only his life, but his style of art. Perhaps most famous for his stone lithographs of everyday life and for his panoramic murals for public places, Benton is still an icon for the pre-World War II American Regionalist School. This volume is lavishly illustrated with both his classic black-and-white lithographs but also many of his color works.

Paperback, 208 pages. New.


[Edward] Hopper: Vision of Reality [Edward] Hopper: Vision of Reality
Ivo Kranzfelder

1998. "Hopper" is both a brief biography of Edward Hopper's life and an anthology of his best know artworks which are faithfully reproduced in full color. Each Hopper painting has details of the work and a brief background about its creation. This particular book includes printing errors in the first signature of pages when some extraneous type appears overprinted. Does not detract from readability of text.

Hardback, jacketed, 200 pages. New.


The Art of Frank C. McCarthy The Art of Frank C. McCarthy
Elmer Kelton

1992. With over 70 vivid earlier full-page paintings by Frank McCarthy plus dozens of double-page spreads this book portrays the lives of the Plains Indians and the adventures of settlers and explorers of the American West. The informative text is by Elmer Kelton, a four-time winner of the Spur Award from the Western Writers of American and the Distinguished Achievement Award from the Western Literature Association. This book was produced by The Greenwich Workshop, McCarthy's art publisher.

Hardback, jacketed, 160 pages. New.


The Art of James Bama The Art of James Bama
Elmer Kelton

1993. "The Art of James Bama" is a comprehensive collection of the artist's finest earlier work. The book recreates the developing West showing people creating the heritage of the cowboy, explorer, Native American, Civil War soldier and more. Over 70 vivid full-page reproductions tell their own stories. Text is by Elmer Kelton, award winning western author. This book was produced by The Greenwich Workshop, Bama's art publisher.

Hardback, jacketed, 160 pages. New.


The American Spirit: The Paintings of Mort Kunstler The American Spirit: The Paintings of Mort Kunstler
Henry Steele Commager

Illustrated by Mort Kunstler

1994.The name Mort Kunstler is among the long list of talented American artists who have created a pictorial record of the nation's history. Kunstler is known for his dramatically composed, accurate depictions of major events in the country's development. Alongside each painting in this book, historian Henry Steele Commager offers lively textual insights into events and persons depicted. Together, art and text form an overview of American history. In all, 200 of Kunstler's works are reproduced in full color.

Hardback, jacketed, 238 pages. New.


The Art of Maurice Sendak The Art of Maurice Sendak
Tony Kushner

2003. Tracing the life of Caldecort-winning artist Maurice Sendak's work for the score of years after 1980, this volume is richly illustrated with projects in various mediums, both inside and outside the children's book arena. Included are lavish set and costume designs for a number of theatrical and dance productions, posters, CD covers, book jackets and more. Profusely illustrated.

He was known in particular for more than a dozen picture books he wrote and illustrated himself, most famously "Where the Wild Things Are," which was simultaneously genre-breaking and career-making when it was published by Harper & Row in 1963. He died in May 2012 at age 83.

Hardback, jacketed, 224 pages. New.


Tom Everhart: Under the Influence Tom Everhart: Under the Influence
Tom Everhart

2003. This small volume was an exhibition catalog for Tom Everhart's 2003 show at the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, CA . Everhart is the only artist ever given permission by Charles Schulz to draw and reproduce the characters from the "Peanuts" comic strip. Everhart works large and boldly, bringing a new dimension to Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of the gang. This book contains full page color reproductions of many of these notable pieces of artwork.

Many of Everhart's Snoopy illustrations are available as fine art prints at The Art-cade Gallery. Search "Everhart" on-site.

Paperback, 48 pages. New.


American Maritime Paintings of John Stobart American Maritime Paintings of John Stobart
Robert P. Davis

1991. Rare. First printing. The vanishing ports and harbors of America and the great clipper ships sailing the seas are captured in these stirring John Stobart paintings, In over 70 full-color reproductions of maritime artist, Stobart's researched and accurate paintings are supported by informative text which provides an illuminating background to his work and the history behind his unique retrospective paintings. A great reference volume for both naval history and maritime painting. No tears in dust jacket. Remainder mark on bottom edge. New, pristine condition.

Hardback, jacketed, 235 pages. New.


Legacy: Paintings by Frank Frazetta Legacy: Paintings by Frank Frazetta
Edited by Arnie Fenner and Cathy Fenner

1999. This volume presents selected painting and drawings by Frank Frazetta, the Grand Master of Fantastic Art for over 50 years. "Legacy" is a retrospective exploring the fascinating worlds created by this influential artist. Included are many previously unpublished artworks. Readers familiar with Frazetta's classic images will be excited to discover revised versions featured in this landmark book.

Hardback, jacketed, 188 pages. New.


The Best Fantasy Art The Best Fantasy Art
Spectrum 8
Edited by Cathy and Arnie Fenner

2001. The eighth volume of "Spectrum" is a chronicle of the year�s best fantastic-themed art. This is a compilation of an annual juried competition of this genre of artwork that includes categories from books to comics to non-published works.

Paperback, 176 pages. New.


The Kingdoms of Edward Hicks The Kingdoms of Edward Hicks
Carolyn J. Weekley

1999. This book was compiled to accompany an exhibit of the American folk art of Edward Hicks at Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. It traces his Quaker heritage in the creation of his artwork. He expressed his religious beliefs in his work, especially in his "Peaceable Kingdom" paintings, depicting an idealized view of the world as he believed it should be and could have been. Lavishly endowed with 173 illustrations, most in full color.

Hardback, jacketed, 254 pages. New.


The Annotated Cat The Annotated Cat
Under the Hats of Seuss and his Cats
Philip Nel

2007. Author Philip Nel likens "The Annotated Cat" to those special-edition movie DVDs that come with lots of extras. In addition to the complete text and artwork of both "Cat" books, there are essays by Seuss, one magazine story, plus draft material, photographs and page-by-page annotations. Each of these components plus the numerous illustrations add a deeper and more complex appreciation of these two remarkable books.

Hardback, jacketed, 200 pages. New.

Dr. Seuss Goes to War Dr. Seuss Goes to War
Richard H. Minear

1999. Before Theodor Geisel became known as a children's book author and illustrator, he was a political cartoonist during the opening days of World War II. As the editorial cartoonist for the New York daily newspaper "PM," Seuss captured the liberal viewpoint of the time and savaged American "isolationist" leaders of the day. Here are more than 200 large-format reproductions of Seuss political cartoons from the early 1940s, many which had been lost to time. These bring back to life the mood and the issues of that day. Most interesting to watch is the birth of Seussian characters (representing entirely different things) which find their way into his beloved children's books in later years.

Hardback, jacketed, 272 pages. New.


Shakespeare Sketchbook Shakespeare Sketchbook
Renwick St. James

Artwork by James C. Christensen

2001. Hear ye, hear ye, William Shakespeare wrote for you! (Or at least your 16th century counterpart.) Shakespeare's legacy has provided perfect fodder for the imagination of artist James C. Christensen, whose whimsical paintings and sketches inspire readers to go sit in a darkened theater where Shakespeare's words may steal up quietly and seduce you.

The Bard and more than 65 of his dramatis personae all take bows in this unique visual tribute to Shakespeare. It is filled with fun and countless discoveries for both the novice and the lifelong Shakespearean.

Hardback, jacketed, 112 pages. New.


Posters American Style Posters American Style
Therese Thau Heyman

1998. This book was published to accompany a touring exhibit of famous American posters. It is invaluable for showing an exuberant, persuasive, even argumentative side to American culture that would seem out of place in the more refined painting and sculpture. Posters capture us by bargaining for our attention in the marketplace of ideas. Featured in this volume are enticing posters created by some of the most popular American artists and graphic designers. An essay and explanatory descriptions are by guest curator Therese Heyman. Lavishly illustrated in color and black-and-white.

Hardback, jacketed, 192 pages. New.


Cover Story Cover Story
The Art of American Magazine Covers 1900-1950)
Steven Heller
Louise Fili

1996. During the golden age of American magazine cover art in the early 20th century the corner newsstand was a virtual art gallery for some of the country's leading artists and illustrators. This book contains a richly varied collection of over 200 remarkable covers from a wide variety of magazine types. These eye-catching illustrations present a lively look at a classic commercial art form which has disappeared from the American landscape.

Paperback, 144 pages. New.


Once Upon A Time <font color="red">(DVD) </font> Once Upon A Time (DVD)
James Christensen

2006. An art video with over 100 of James Christensen's most popular paintings. Whimsical art with magical fairies, elves and mystical creatures backed by soothing music enchants the viewer. Included in Christensen's art shown on this DVD are scenes from his catalog of unique people, places and things that exist somewhere between adult dreams and childhood memories.

On this DVD, over 100 of his most popular paintings come alive with an hour of great background of traditional Scottish and Welsh music by Richard Searles.

An image video with background music
Play Length: 62 Minutes - Set for Continuous Play


The Magic of Morrissey <font color="red"> (VHS)</font> The Magic of Morrissey (VHS)
The Story Behind his paintings

1994. This is a brief video showing book illustrator/author Dean Morrissey at work at his easel along with his commentary. The illustrator tells about the origins and inspirations for several of his paintings. The video focuses on some of his very popular painting in "The Ship of Dreams."

VHS videotape, now out of production.


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