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ART BOOKS Capture the Imagination
The world of art to keep, treasure & cherish forever

Art books collect and transport the breathtaking world of art and artists into your world. Art books are a means of discovery, enjoyment and learning. They hold within their pages some of the best artwork ever created. Where else can a reader be taken behind the scenes in the company of the Disney Imagineers animation team or back into the historic American frontier or even into the far-away star-filled night in a children's book to meet the legendary Sandman in a voyage crammed with excitement, delight and awe?

Going from one adventure to another is as quick and effortless as closing one book and opening the covers of another.

Below is the Art-cade Gallery's collection of unique art books -- not a "how to draw" book in the lot, but lots of "oohs" and "wows" accompany each volume. To search a particular collection rather than browse the list, simply click the category of your choice below to access it.

Our collection is arranged into five convenient categories:

Every book shown is NEW, and not recycled. Many are long out-of-print and quite rare today. One thing those who are creating the electronic generation of books have yet to conquer is the presentation of fine art. There's still nothing like a printed art book with its beautiful color illustrations.

(1) Browse the books. (2) Full specifics including a brief background, binding specs, condition and cost are given in the text.
(3) Call toll free to order.

Anthologies, Compilations and Collected Works<a name="anthologies"></a> Anthologies, Compilations and Collected Works
Anthologies, Compilations and Collected Works

Men and Angels Men and Angels
James Christensen

2008. Trade edition. This diverse and masterful body of work in "Men and Angels", is the single largest collection of Christensen paintings ever published. This comprehensive volume brims with over 300 paintings (including many favorite classics), more than 100 unpublished treasures and a selection of whimsical and inspired sketches from his private sketchbooks.

The range of subject matter and style covered is a testament to the artist's expansive imagination, creativity and understanding of art history. Christensen's drive to connect with the world weaves through his work like a ribbon, over mermaids, under saints and around hunchbacks. Over 300 color paintings plus sketches are included in this over-sized, coffee-table book. Sold out at publisher

Hardback, jacketed, 256 pages. New.


The Art of Robert McCall The Art of Robert McCall
Captions by Tappan King

1992. "The Art of Robert McCall" graphically documents the American space program's growth and expansion. This definitive collection of artwork about NASA by this remarkable artist includes gallery-quality reproductions of his most popular works as well as dozens of new paintings appearing for the first time. McCall's poster for "2001: A Space Odyssey" is a modern classic while his murals are on display at Disney's EPCOT Center in Florida.

Hardback, jacketed, 150 pages. New.


NASA and the Exploration of Space NASA and the Exploration of Space
Roger D. Launius

1998. This volume by NASA's Chief Historian, Roger Launius, weaves a historical account of the early space age as illustrated by artworks from the NASA art collection. Most of the images included in this volume are published for the first time and include 175 full-color paintings and black-and-white sketches. More than 85 artists are represented including Norman Rockwell, Paul Calle and Jamie Wyeth.

Hardback, jacketed, 224 pages. New.


The Art of Star Wars The Art of Star Wars
Jonathan Bresman

1999. Episode I: The Phantom Menace. This lavish volume features more than 600 examples of the art created for "The Phantom Menace," each a masterpiece in its own right --- conceptual illustrations, sequential art, and brilliant, and fully finished paintings. Digging deep into the exclusive Lucasfilm archives, Jonathan Bresman covers the blockbuster film's revolutionary use of traditional and high-tech media.

Paperback, 216 pages. New.


Art of the Titanic Art of the Titanic
Ken Marschall's Art of the Titanic
Rick Archbold

1998. The portrayal of the great ship Titanic in paintings by Ken Marschall encouraged James Cameron to create his epic movie about the ship's historic voyage and eventual disaster. Here is a complete gallery of the Titanic artwork of Ken Marschall, brilliantly reproduced which depicts each aspect of the ship's story. Complementing the paintings is a host of original sketches which reveal how the artist created his memorable images.

Hardback, jacketed, 160 pages. New.


Art for the Masses Art for the Masses
Rebecca Zurier

Art for the Masses: A Radical Magazine and Its Graphics, 1911-1917

1988. The "Masses" was an American socialist monthly magazine before World War I which critiqued the economy, government, business and life in general. Drawn to this over-sized magazine as contributors were some of the literary stars of the day as well as others who would rise to public prominence. From the magazine�s artful covers to the cartoons and illustration inside, the illustrations in this book portray insights into life and society at that time. The art and text are based on a 1948 exhibition at the Yale University Art Gallery and shows the close links between the magazine's times and the 1980s (read 2000's).

Paperback, 217 pages. New.


Robert Bateman: An Artist in Nature: Robert Bateman: An Artist in Nature:
Text by Rick Archbold

Artwork by Robert Bateman

1995. "An Artist in Nature" is the third book to be devoted to the work of Robert Bateman, the foremost wildlife artist of his time. Over 120 Bateman full-color paintings illustrate the text story of the artist's personal development over four decades from a high school teacher to a recognized artist and conservationist.

Limited edition prints have made his work available to the general public including customers of The Art-cade Gallery.

Hardback, jacketed, 186 pages. New.


Robert Bateman: Birds Robert Bateman: Birds
Kathryn Dean

2002. Internationally acclaimed wildlife artist and naturalist Robert Bateman has painted and sketched bird life in every corner of the globe. Lavishly illustrated with over 100 of his extraordinary paintings, Birds is an intimate appreciation of a wide variety of birds in the form of formal Bateman paintings as well as sketches accompanied by commentary by Kathryn Dean. Dedicated to Roger Tory Peterson, this volume can also serve as a bird reference.

Hardback, jacketed, 176 pages. New.


Carolyn Blish: Drawing Closer Carolyn Blish: Drawing Closer
The Paintings and Personal Reflections of Carolyn Blish
Elise Maclay

1997. For artist Carolyn Blish the creation of art is seeing the unseen reality, a blending of composition, color and quality of work. "Drawing Closer" presents a joyous outlook about faith through the life and work of the artist. Technique allows an artist to paint. But it is love that truly makes a painting a work of art. The book has hundreds of full-color reproductions of Blish's paintings accompanied by a story having insight and explanation. Produced by Greenwich Workshop Press.

Carolyn Blish prints are available at The Art-cade Gallery. Search "Carolyn Blish" on this site.

Hardback, jacketed, 152 pages. New.


The Art of Bev Doolittle The Art of Bev Doolittle
Elise Maclay

1990. When this volume was published in hardback it was the definitive collection of Bev Doolittle's published art prints. Since then over 400,000 hardcover copies have been sold and treasured. Art experts explain the "Doolittle phenomenon" as her bursting onto the published limited edition print scene with artwork of classic beauty, unique concepts, design, pattern and movement. One critic says, "Doolittle creates a twist, a turn. You're not seeing what you are seeing. That magic stays with people."

Included in the book are full-color reproductions of many of her outstanding paintings plus conceptual preliminary sketches which she created before the final renderings. Includes a background essay and running commentary. This compilation was produced by Doolittle's publisher The Greenwich Workshop.

Many of Bev Doolittle's prints are available at The Art-cade Gallery. Search "Bev Doolittle" on this site.

Paperback, 158 pages. New.


Bev Doolittle: New Magic Bev Doolittle: New Magic
Elise Maclay

1995. "New Magic" begins where the first Bev Doolittle book ("The Art of Bev Doolittle") left off when the artist began exploring new paths and ideas and finding adventure in both the public arena and in the wilderness. It is during this latter period that Doolittle began focusing on raising thousands of dollars for wilderness causes. The volume abounds with full-color reproductions of some of the artist's later works.

Original poems by the author included. This compilation was produced by Doolittle's publisher The Greenwich Workshop.

Many of Bev Doolittle's prints are available at The Art-cade Gallery. Search "Bev Doolittle" on this site.

Hardback, jacketed, 86 pages. New.


The Garden Within The Garden Within
The Art of Peter Ellenshaw
Linda D'Agostino Clinger

1996. Peter Ellenshaw paintings are infused with life and beauty. From his work with the Walt Disney company to works he completed in the meadows of England or France, an Ellenshaw painting is a visual treasure of magnificent art by "one of the painting masters of our age." This volume showcases 72 of his spectacular paintings in full color which trace his life, travels and remarkable 60-year career. Ellenshaw won an Academy Award for his artistic efforts while working for the Disney organization. Produced by Mill Pond Press. First edition. Artist autographed copy.

Peter Ellenshaw prints are available at The Art-cade Gallery. Search "Peter Ellenshaw" on this site.

Hardback, jacketed, 114 pages. First edition. Autographed. New.


The Undersea World of Wyland The Undersea World of Wyland
[Robert] Wyland

1998. This book is a journey through the undersea world of artist Robert Wyland, the most influential marine artist of our time. With more than 100 full-color reproductions of his finest paintings, this spectacular volume will transport you into the sublime chambers of nature's underwater kingdom. An art treasure for lovers of marine art.

Hardback, jacketed, 176 pages. New.


The Norman Rockwell Treasury The Norman Rockwell Treasury
Thomas S. Buechner

1993. Illustrator Norman Rockwell is put in perspective as an important force in Twentieth Century art by Thomas Buechner, former director of the Brooklyn Museum. Lavishly illustrated with color and black and white Rockwell images, a running essay arranged by decades examines the Rockwell style, technique and development as an artist. A full categorical index of his works makes this an invaluable addition to the history of American illustration. A re-issue of the original 1979 Abram volume.

Hardback, jacketed, 216 pages. New.


The Art of Frank C. McCarthy The Art of Frank C. McCarthy
Elmer Kelton

1992. With over 70 vivid earlier full-page paintings by Frank McCarthy plus dozens of double-page spreads this book portrays the lives of the Plains Indians and the adventures of settlers and explorers of the American West. The informative text is by Elmer Kelton, a four-time winner of the Spur Award from the Western Writers of American and the Distinguished Achievement Award from the Western Literature Association. This book was produced by The Greenwich Workshop, McCarthy's art publisher.

Hardback, jacketed, 160 pages. New.


The Art of James Bama The Art of James Bama
Elmer Kelton

1993. "The Art of James Bama" is a comprehensive collection of the artist's finest earlier work. The book recreates the developing West showing people creating the heritage of the cowboy, explorer, Native American, Civil War soldier and more. Over 70 vivid full-page reproductions tell their own stories. Text is by Elmer Kelton, award winning western author. This book was produced by The Greenwich Workshop, Bama's art publisher.

Hardback, jacketed, 160 pages. New.


The American Spirit: The Paintings of Mort Kunstler The American Spirit: The Paintings of Mort Kunstler
Henry Steele Commager

Illustrated by Mort Kunstler

1994.The name Mort Kunstler is among the long list of talented American artists who have created a pictorial record of the nation's history. Kunstler is known for his dramatically composed, accurate depictions of major events in the country's development. Alongside each painting in this book, historian Henry Steele Commager offers lively textual insights into events and persons depicted. Together, art and text form an overview of American history. In all, 200 of Kunstler's works are reproduced in full color.

Hardback, jacketed, 238 pages. New.


The Art of Maurice Sendak The Art of Maurice Sendak
Tony Kushner

2003. Tracing the life of Caldecort-winning artist Maurice Sendak's work for the score of years after 1980, this volume is richly illustrated with projects in various mediums, both inside and outside the children's book arena. Included are lavish set and costume designs for a number of theatrical and dance productions, posters, CD covers, book jackets and more. Profusely illustrated.

He was known in particular for more than a dozen picture books he wrote and illustrated himself, most famously "Where the Wild Things Are," which was simultaneously genre-breaking and career-making when it was published by Harper & Row in 1963. He died in May 2012 at age 83.

Hardback, jacketed, 224 pages. New.


American Maritime Paintings of John Stobart American Maritime Paintings of John Stobart
Robert P. Davis

1991. Rare. First printing. The vanishing ports and harbors of America and the great clipper ships sailing the seas are captured in these stirring John Stobart paintings, In over 70 full-color reproductions of maritime artist, Stobart's researched and accurate paintings are supported by informative text which provides an illuminating background to his work and the history behind his unique retrospective paintings. A great reference volume for both naval history and maritime painting. No tears in dust jacket. Remainder mark on bottom edge. New, pristine condition.

Hardback, jacketed, 235 pages. New.


Arthur Rackham: A Life With Illustration Arthur Rackham: A Life With Illustration
James Hamilton

1990 edition. This volume charts the astonishing career of a hard-working Londoner who was England's most famous book illustrator of the early 20th century. His book illustrations were so popular in his day that when Rackham held art shows in the U.S. his original drawings instantly sold out. This book, reviewers said, takes you straight back to your childhood showing his art for the world of faeries to the world of fairy tales. Hundreds of mostly full-color illustrations fill the book.

Paperback, 200 pages. New.


John Singer Sargent John Singer Sargent
Carter Ratcliff

1982. Never before has a book so thoroughly covered the full expanse of John Singer Sargent's extraordinary painting. Considered by many as the most talented and celebrated portrait painters of all times.

One hundred thirteen large color plates and over 200 black-and-white illustrations from around the turn of the last century convey the glamor of his society portraits. The evolution of certain key works is traced through studies that reveal the fascinating process of Sargent's creativity. Winner of the American Book Award. New, pristine condition.

Hardback, jacketed, 250 pages. New.


J.R.R.Tolkien - Artist and Illustrator J.R.R.Tolkien - Artist and Illustrator
Wayne G. Hammond
Christina Scull

1995. This volume explores J. R. R. Tolkien's art career at length, from his childhood paintings and drawings to his most known sketches. At its heart are his illustrations for his books, especially his tales of Middle-earth including "Lord of the Rings." Also examined are the illustrations Tolkien made for his children, his expressive calligraphy, his love of decoration and his contributions to the typography and design of his books. Color and black-and-white artwork.

Paperback, 208 pages. New.


J. C. Leyendecker: Retrospective J. C. Leyendecker: Retrospective
Laurence and Judy Cutler

2008. During the Golden Age of Illustration no American illustrator was more productive and more influential than Joseph Christian Leyendecker. Through his works this artist captivated the public with his striking, fashionable depictions of handsome men and glamorous women. With his instantly identifiable style he helped shape the face of a nation, creating dozens of icons, and virtually invented the concept of branding in advertising. This volume portrays the man behind the art brush. Illustrations include nearly 600 of his classic Saturday Evening Post covers and advertisement artwork in full color.

Hardback, jacketed, 256 pages. New.


Lost Artwork of Hollywood Lost Artwork of Hollywood
Classic Images from Cinema's Golden Age
Fred E. Basten

1996. "The Lost Artwork of Hollywood" presents a surprisingly unique selection of long-buried, inspired illustrations from the cinema's Golden Age of the thirties and forties. Some works included are by unknown artists, but many are by artistic legends we know and love. Because the works in this book were used exclusively for promotion within the film industry, movie fans often missed seeing their favorite stars portrayed by Rockwell, Vargas, Hirschfeld and others. Each piece has an informative caption that lists the movie, its year of release, studio and background info.

Hardback, jacketed, 192 pages. New.


Teddy Bears in Advertising Art Teddy Bears in Advertising Art
Marty Crisp

1991. Research of advertising art reveals that teddy bears have been frequently used in a wide variety of ad types. Bears are popular all over the world - from polar bears representing coolness to grizzlies representing strength. This small volume collects examples from 20th century advertising where bears were used to convey a timely, attention-getting message with a running perspective.

Paperback, 128 pages. New.


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