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ART BOOKS Capture the Imagination
The world of art to keep, treasure & cherish forever

Art books collect and transport the breathtaking world of art and artists into your world. Art books are a means of discovery, enjoyment and learning. They hold within their pages some of the best artwork ever created. Where else can a reader be taken behind the scenes in the company of the Disney Imagineers animation team or back into the historic American frontier or even into the far-away star-filled night in a children's book to meet the legendary Sandman in a voyage crammed with excitement, delight and awe?

Going from one adventure to another is as quick and effortless as closing one book and opening the covers of another.

Below is the Art-cade Gallery's collection of unique art books -- not a "how to draw" book in the lot, but lots of "oohs" and "wows" accompany each volume. To search a particular collection rather than browse the list, simply click the category of your choice below to access it.

Our collection is arranged into five convenient categories:

Every book shown is NEW, and not recycled. Many are long out-of-print and quite rare today. One thing those who are creating the electronic generation of books have yet to conquer is the presentation of fine art. There's still nothing like a printed art book with its beautiful color illustrations.

(1) Browse the books. (2) Full specifics including a brief background, binding specs, condition and cost are given in the text.
(3) Call toll free to order.

Special Collector's Editions<a name="collector"></a> Special Collector's Editions
Special Collector's Editions
(Some with framable prints included)

Men and Angels: Collector's Edition Men and Angels: Collector's Edition
James C. Christensen

Signed/Numbered Collector's Edition Book with limited edition print

2008. Only a very few people will own one of only 150 "Men and Angels Collector's Edition." This James Christensen autographed book comes slipcased in rich burgundy bookcloth with a gold-stamped, leather label, lined in acid-free paper and is accompanied by "Little Wings," an original stone lithograph created and signed by artist James C. Christensen solely for this "Men and Angels Collectors Edition."

The title page of each volume is signed by the artist and is consecutively numbered to match the stone lithograph's print number. The discerning collector will treasure the book and lithograph package from this extremely limited edition. This book is the single largest collection of Christensen paintings ever published. Sold out at publisher. Also available as book only $85, sold out at publisher.

Hardback, jacketed, 11x14 over-sized, coffee-table. 256 pages. Includes s/n Collector's lithographic print limited (14 x 11 ins.) to only 150 copies. New.


Lehi's Dream: Collector's Edition Lehi's Dream: Collector's Edition
James Christensen

Signed/Numbered Collector's Edition Book with signed limited edition print

2011. "Tree of Life imagery and its symbolism are present in almost every world creation myth and mythology", explains James Christensen. "Most often these trees represent or act as a connection between heaven and all forms of creation. Lehi's Dream (1 Nephi 8) is a wonderful example of this and the Tree of Life is a powerful image. The story and litho remind us that the fruits of the tree are available to everyone that tries to live a good life. There is a path to be followed and at the end there is the Tree, the love of God and his fruits are there for all of us to enjoy."

Only 160 sets of the Collector's Edition for James Christensen’s Lehi’s Dream exist. This rich leather-bound edition is accompanied by the original lithographic print The Fruit of the Tree. This 7.75 x 9.75 print was hand-drawn on Bavarian limestones. The book is signed by both James Christensen and collaborator, Robert Millet.

Hard cover, 80 pages. Includes s/n Collector's lithographic print limited to only 160 copies. With print. New.

Classic Fairy Tales Classic Fairy Tales
Scott Gustafson

Signed/Numbered Collector's Edition Book with signed limited edition print

2003. This stunning Collector's Edition celebrates the detailed brilliance of Scott Gustafson's art and his love of our favorite childhood tales. This exquisitely illustrated volume features ten of the most enduring fairy tales of all time. The stories, chosen and edited by the artist, include both "princess" classics and frolicking adventures. Artist Scott Gustafson spent more than four years creating the 75 rich oil paintings which illustrate his favorite stories.

This Collector's Edition is clothbound, slipcased and limited to 150 copies. Each book is signed by the artist. Included with this edition is the perfect Gustafson painting to accompany the book -- "Three Little Pigs," a 17" x 14" signed and numbered limited-edition print which portrays the three little pigs warm and happy in their new brick house.

Hard cover, slip cased, 144 pages. Includes s/n Collector's lithographic print limited to only 150 copies. With print. New.


Walt Disney's Bambi: The Story and the Film Walt Disney's Bambi: The Story and the Film
Ollie Johnston
Frank Thomas

1990. Extremely Rare. With Flip Book. First edition. The text and artwork from the classic animated film "Bambi" unfold the dual stories of a deer who grows up to be King of the Forest and two top Disney animators who reveal the creative strategies and victories behind the making of this landmark film. Unparalleled artwork from the Disney archives including film cels, inspired sketches, drawings and fine art paintings magnificently illustrate Bambi, Thumper and the world of their forest. New, pristine condition with accompanying Flip Book.

Hardback, jacketed, 208 pages. Includes "flip book." New.

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